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Richard L. Fincke, Sr. BRE., MS.; LMHC, Qualified Supervisor.

 My name is Richard Fincke, I have worked in the community, in the pastoral ministry, and the human services and social services field as a Pastor, Youth Worker, Programs Director for a youth center, Not for Profit Parent Education program director and facilitator, teacher, Clinical Case Manager, Clinical Counselor and Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 28 years.

For the past 32 years I have been bi-vocational working as a Minister for small churches and at the same time I have worked in clinical work in the community. I have a background in Carpentry which was a benefit early in my pastoral career as a means of income to help support my family. It was always my dream and ambition to help those who are troubled and suffering with emotional pain through counseling. Aside from getting my undergraduate degree in Theology and Professional Ministries, I also focused on Christian Counseling. I continued my education with a focus on becoming a professional counselor by taking as many advanced certification courses and a master’s degree in science with a focus on Mental Health Counseling. After working in psychiatric care in a dual diagnosed crisis stabilization unit for several years, I came to understand one significant reason why people often find themselves in such a crisis that they are brought to a hospital is because when they realized they needed help from a counselor they were not able to get in to see one before the crisis became out of control. With this understanding in 2011, I opened up Urgent Care Counseling, LLC as a counseling practice that is always committed to see new clients as soon as possible with a goal of within 48 hours of their initial contact. It has also been my ambition to keep my fees for services for those who are self- paying clients as reasonable and affordable for them as possible so that they can return to counseling as often as they need to learn new ways to manage the stress in their lives.

Specialty: I am often asked, “What is my specialty as a therapist?” My 28 years of experience has afforded me the opportunity to develop many specialty areas of practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Supervisor for Resident Mental Health Counselor Interns. I work with Children and Family issues as a Family Focused and Systems Focused Counselor, I teach parents Positive and Nurturing Parenting, and work with all families, individuals, couples, adolescents and children with a Trauma Informed Care focus.  I have an extensive background with Dual Diagnosed individuals, Bipolar, Anxiety and Major Depression, Grieving as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I recently have joined the International Association of Trauma Professionals and I am a Certified Trauma Professional.  When invited by the client to do so, I provide Christian Counseling.

Bio Neurofeedback:   (Neuro Regulation)  Richard Fincke, LMHC is a  member in good standing with the International Society for  Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR)  Neurofeedback is an adjunct therapy that I have found to be valuable with many clients encumbered by Anxiety, Stress management issues,  Bipolar disorder or extreme Mood Swings, Depression and  PTSD, who are also experiencing unwanted physiological symptoms such as  sleep problems, nightmares, attention deficit issues, concentration and motivation problems. Neurofeedback is form of brain training exercise assisted by the latest modern technology and an EEG to help the client train their own brains to reduce unwanted arousal or to increase arousal where it is lacking. Neurofeedback has been a recognized adjunct to mental health wellness since the late 1950’s and has improved in its usefulness in private practice as part of the treatment for ADD/ ADHD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.  This specialized and unique “Brian Training” is offered to my clients as an adjunct part of my work with them as a psychotherapist.  For more information and research about Neurofeedback please visit my website and click on the links showing the research on how Neurofeedback can help you or loved ones in need of relief.

Modes of counseling that I use as an eclectic counselor with an Adlerian approach to counseling are: Motivational Interview, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brief Solutions Focused Counseling, Conjoint Family and Couples Counseling, Christian Counseling, The IATP 5 Narrative Model for Grief for Loss and PTSD, Rapid Recovery Treatment Model, Parenting Education, Divorce/Separated Parenting, and Family Systems Counseling as well as Fatherhood issues in parenting. 

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